12,000 different grape varietals, grown all over the world,
with hundreds of thousands of producers from Two Buck Chuck
to the first growths of Bordeaux. Once you figure out what you like to drink, what do you serve it in, what do you eat with it, why does the wine left over from your great aunt’s funeral nine years ago hurt to drink???
Here at Turquoise Wines, we love to help our customers expand their wine knowledge and to do so, we offer wine tasting packages either in our wine boutique or at your villa.
Our tasting sessions can be tailored to suit any level of wine lover from novice to enophile. We can offer a range of suggestions for themes and tasting ideas and our Sommeliers will guide you through a tour of the senses while enjoying some of the finest cheese and charcuterie found in the Turks and Caicos.


For groups of 2-10 at the tasting table - (2-3 hours) Package starts at $800
For groups of 10 or more at your villa - (3-5 hours) Package starts at $1000

Both packages include a sommelier, minimum 4 wines, selected breads, charcuterie, and cheeses from our delicatessen.
We are also happy to work with private chefs as well for the ultimate in wine and food adventures, just ask.
Let us help you take your first steps on your wine journey!

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